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well its the first day of the new year and i am starting today..

the last few weeks in december were constant ill do this today and that tomorrow and no plan was followed properly. Now the holidays are over there is no reason for me to keep eating all the food i have been.

i am going to do the ABC diet... so today is my 500 cal day.

i plan on eating mixed salad with no dressing and some 10 cal soup if i need warming up. i might treat myself to a kiwi fruit later if my day is good....

my exercise plan is a little harder to get going until school starts again on the 7th bu i plan on walking my dog for 2 long wallks a day til then...

i hope this year is a good one for us all....


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 hi just a few questions im hoping all you amazing people can help me with......

anyone on fluoxatine from the doc and does it make you put weight on?

i'v got some ephedrine pills and wondering if they actually help anyone?

do any of these mess with the contraceptive pill?

thanks for reading this and if you can help even better  : )


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hi, i live in england and am desperate to loose weight, i used to weigh 6 1/2 stone but then got pregnant and am now up to 9 1/2 after having my son. the docs say i am healthier now but am just discusted with myself. please help. am looking for people who i can text when i need help to stay strong and not eat.

thank you for listening to me moan


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